Board of Directors

Local Leaders Committed to Orange County

Nhan Hoa Clinic is governed by a Board of Directors which comprises of professionals from the medical and business world as well as representatives of the community in which Nhan Hoa’s service area is located.

The Board of Directors represents the diverse backgrounds, interests and demographics of Orange County residents and helps ensure Nhan Hoa remains highly accountable and responsive to the health care  needs of the community it serves.

BM 1 Thua Vinh MD 202x287 chairman
Thua Vinh, MD

Duc Hong Vuong

BM 5 My To Doan MD 202x287 member
My To Doan, MD

BM 7 Christiane Ngoc Nguyen RN 202x287 member
Christiane Ngoc Nguyen, RN

BM 2 Nam Xuan Nguyen MD 202x287 Vice Chairman
Nam Xuan Nguyen, MD

Thanh Tam Nguyen, MD
Vice Chairman 

Long Le

BM 6 Dan Phuong Ho MD 202x287 member
Dan Phuong Ho, MD

BM 8 Thanh Le OMD PhD 202x287 member
Thanh Le, OMD, PhD

BM 9 Tam Nguyen CPA 202x287 member
Dang Tam Nguyen, CPA