Volunteer’s Testimony

At Nhan Hoa we are always looking for ways to improve our company for our patients and employees. Within the last few weeks, we had a volunteer who had a great experience volunteering at our health clinic. We are proud to say that we have made a great impression on her. However, we are sad to announce that she has left Nhan Hoa in order to pursue her future goals.

Please read the following email.

“I would like to once again say thank you for the volunteer opportunity I have experienced over the past few weeks at Nhan Hoa Clinic. I have had the pleasure of shadowing the ladies in the lab (Phlebotomists) and I must say I was impressed with their work ethic. Lisa Nguyen taught me some insightful things throughout my time volunteering and I learned quite a bit from her. Lisa is very hard working and she always tries her best to finish all her work before the shift ends. She is very knowledgeable and is a great asset to Nhan Hoa. Hanh Nguyen, Vanna Luu and Tanya Nguyen are also very good at what they do. My overall experience has been wonderful.
Best regards”
– Thanh Nguyen

As always, we welcome testimonies, questions comments, concerns, or opinions in anyway that you think will enhance Nhan Hoa Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic. If you have any of these, we can be reached at 714-898-888 or email us at info@nhanhoa.org.